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Figure 3

From: Confounders in the assessment of the renal effects associated with low-level urinary cadmium: an analysis in industrial workers

Figure 3

Associations between RBP and Cd in the urine of workers according to the integrity of the glomerular filter (panels A and B, U-ALB<27 mg/g creatinine, panel C, U-ALB>27 mg/g cr mg/g creatinine) and between albumin and Cd according to the integrity of the tubular function (panels D and E, U-RBP<220 μg/g creatinine, panel F, U-RBP>220 μg/g creatinine). The panels B and E represent the same relationships as respectively the panels A and D but by limiting the U-Cd scale to that of the panels C and F in order to ensure that differences in these relationships were not due to differences in U-Cd levels. The cut-off values used to stratify the population correspond to the 90th percentiles of values obtained over the whole population.

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